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Ultimate Moving Resource is a comprehensive resource for those planning their next big move. It connects consumers and businesses providing helpful and necessary relocation and moving services. You can obtain moving quotes, plan your truck rental, and much more!

Compare Two Cities

Use this tool to run a comparison on any two cities in the United States. You’ll learn about city demographics, real estate and other important factors that affect the new life you are relocating to.

Change Your Address Officially Online

Don’t have time for the post office? Change your address officially with the post office online within minutes. There is a small fee for this convenience, but well worth it!

Moving With Kids

his helpful guide helps parents to understand what children’s needs are during the stages of moving.

Know Your Rights

Protect your move. This informative website helps those involved in the stages of moving to understand what rights the consumer has and how to make the most of services chosen for the next move.

Go Green, Save Green with the Postal Service

Greener choices with the United States Postal Service.  Use and save energy … and money, too.

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